Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Best Thing That Ever Happened in My Life

I'm not in mood to explain much of the best thing that ever happened in my life. Ermm. My father bought me a motorcycle as a gift for my outstanding result in PMR. For me, to have a motorcycle is the best thing in life for that time. It was my dream since I'm in form 2. As soon as I got the motorcycle, I rode it everywhere. I also used it to school since my school quite far from my house. The distance of the school from my house is approximately 5km. Its impossible for me to walk or cycling to school. I love my motorcycle so much so I'm always keep it clean and shine all the time.

You know, 3 years had past since I experienced the best thing in my life. Honestly, I'm waiting, hoping, dreaming and expecting for better thing to happen than this old thing at this time. The motorcycle was an old story. I don't want it to be the best thing in my life forever. I want a new thing to happen in my life that is better than it. Ermm..I know what's in your mind after reading this. You're guessing what is the better thing that I'm waiting to happen right? Keep guessing, but you will not get the answer because I'm going to keep it as a secret with me. But, please pray for me so that one day I'll get the thing that I'm dreaming of.

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  1. 5km is considered far? Good luck with your dream. I'm waiting for your other entries..